Madagascar - The Heart of Endemicity
What first springs to your mind when you hear about Madagascar? Considered as the eighth continent because of its size, Madagascar is a 587,041-km² island located in the south east of Africa, steeped in the heart of the Indian Ocean. This fourth largest island in the world is known worldwide neither for economic power, nor for sports, cinema or other forms of entertainments; the Great Island is rather well-known for its original gifts: culture and nature. Administratively divided into 22 regions, Madagascar has 18 tribes, holding 18 original cultures, speaking 18 different dialects while they understand one other, making the island bear the name "the 18-in-one" by great explorers. Dances, songs, music, ways of dressing, hairstyles, customs and celebrations you can all find each type from region to another. In the North and North-West, you would enjoy people dancing "Salegy", and women with "masonjoany" – an artistic decoration they make from special wood, making their faces mild and soft. In the South, you would .... Read more >>

The West Tours

This circuit starts from Tana to discover the rural life, the boat trip in the Tsiribihina River with the camping at the bank side, the visit of the one of the best natural site in Madagascar called The Tsingy of Bemaraha which is classified as UNESCO World Heritage with its endemics Fauna and Flora. Spend the sunset at the Baobab Avenue, finished in Morondava which is the City of the descendent of the Malagasy ancestors called Sakalava of Menabe.


Trip duration: 9 Nights - 10 Days

Season: May to November

  • Ar...

The East Tours

The biggest forest in Madagascar is found in the East, combining amazing wildlife with the opportunity to enjoy the beach and sea activities (whale watching, snorkeling, diving, etc.…)

Andasibe, Manambato- Palmarium, Mahambo, Soanierana-Ivongo (Speed boat to Sainte Marie Island), Sainte Marie Island. :  The classic tours

Tana, Moramanga, Zahamena, Ambatondrazaka, Tana : The wild tours

Trip duration: 13 days -12 Nights

  • Season: whole years (Preferably from Mai to October)
  • Covered zones: The east, Lake Alaotra, The Zahamena, Sainte Marie Island

Mean of transport: 4WD, Speed boat, Local Pirogue

The North Tours

The North of Madagascar is very well known for its various appearances with the largest dry forest in the world called Ankarafantsika, which lies in the west of Madagascar. There are two differents Tsingy : The Tsingy d’Akarana and the Red Tsingy  provide a freak beauty especially for the geologists. Do not forget the 3 bays with there peaceful location: Sakalava Bay, Pigeon Bay and Dune Bay. The Ambre mountain National park offers an interesting sightseeing, thanks to its unique wildlife. Wonderful activities can be done in Nosy be Island and its large cristal beach. Antakarana culture and the local products make the tour different from others.

Duration: 10 Days – 09 Nights

Season: whole ...

The South Tours

This is one of the most popular tour in Madagascar. The Ranomafana Rainy forest with its fauna and flora, the channel of Pangalane with its beautiful place, The Andringitra National Park which is one of the first accessible Mountain in Madagascar,the Isalo National Park with its wonderful and unique nature.


Circuit: Tana-Antsirabe-Ranomafana National Park-Isalo National Park- Tuléar

DAY 1: Tana-Antsirabe

Duration: 3 hours and half (175 km)


Coming to visit Madagascar

Splendides salles historiques, dont l'accès est fermé au public. La visite sera une excellente occasion de déguster un verre de Sekt, en guise de bienvenue !Splendides salles historiques, dont l'accès est fermé au public. La visite sera une excellente occasion de déguster un verre de Sekt, en guise de bienvenue !

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An idea of hotel

Hotel Joffre

Located in the heart of the city of Tamatave, Joffre Hotel consist of a main building belonging to the historical heritage...

Aux Bougainvillées

The hotel "Aux Bougainvillea" is located at Ambalavao Tsienimparihy, 56 km south of Fianarantsoa, ​​it is constantly evolving for so many years in order to satisfy its customers by offering a free ...

Salary Bay Hotel

Salary Bay Hotel is located on one of the bays of Madagascar: beach of white sand, coral reefs with enchanting colors, primary forest concealing wealth still preserved.

Relais du Masoala

At the At the heart of the region of cultivation of vanilla and cloves, Relais du Masoala is a collection of 15 bungalows in the Malagasy style boxes (with a European standard of comfort) buried in a beautiful c...